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Put a plus in your fuel budget with us

Save money on fuel

Fuel Cards

We provide discount fuel card programs for small and medium-sized trucking companies looking to reduce fuel costs, reduce fuel and cash commissions, satisfy  drivers and, most importantly, improve the bottom line.

Highlights of the program

Universal acceptance: Discount Fuel Card is accepted at over 5,000 truck stops in the United States 

Discount network: attractive discounts at 3,027 locations and counting

Competitive fees: shop around and you'll find

that our fees are some of the lowest in the industry for fuel, cash, and drafts

Customer service: we pride ourselves on customer service; with us you're not just another number


Powerful software: our comprehensive Internet site allows card maintenance, reporting, truck stop information and pricing, and data download for your third party software applications

Flexible payment methods: we will work with you to find a solution that meets your company's needs

We can help you save on fuel purchases!

Contact us!

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