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We save your time.

HR/ Recruitment

Human resources play an integral role in the success of any business.

We value a consultative approach to recruiting, meaning we don't simply send over a stack of CVs and call the job done. Instead, we form relationships with the companies we work with to ensure that we're not only hiring the right professionals, but we're also hiring for the right types of positions that your organisation needs for maximum efficiency and success. 

We have the large extensive experience to help you find just the right match.


• Hiring an HR Recruiter to manage End to End recruitment

• Sourcing potential candidates from various online channels (e.g. social media postings, reference) updating job ads

• Screen incoming resumes and application & Interview candidates (via phone, in person)

• Act as a consultant to new hires and help them onboard

• Understanding of the requirements

• Solid verbal and written communication skills

 We always achieve great results for both candidates and clients.

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